The Access Advantage

Access Search Partners offers a number of unique advantages that are not offered at either large global search firms or individual small firms.

Access to the Best Candidates
Clients deserve access to the best candidates on the planet. Traditional executive search firms limit candidate access due to “off limits” protocol, while new search firms don’t have the breadth and depth of connections to the absolute best talent. Each firm has meaningful, real-time access to the other‘s markets and the ability to reach potential candidates in any part of the world. We can find the best candidates wherever they are.

Active Collaboration
Access Search Partners has meaningful, active collaboration on search firm management and development, search strategy, execution and methodology; research and candidate development. We share information that is not proprietary to our clients, but useful to one another’s search projects as though we were a single search firm. All of our search experience is open to all Access Search Partners firms giving clients extensive combined experience.

Extensive Resources
Access Search Partners has all the resources of a large firm (research, infrastructure, database, technology etc.) that are not available to individual small firms.

Experienced Professionals
Access Search Partners is made up of experienced, sophisticated search professionals; successful search executives with a track record of success.

Partner Focused Searches
We give you a Partner’s or Vice President’s full attention, beginning to end. Searches are never delegated to a junior person. Senior people run the search from start to finish, interview every candidate and personally drive the project.

Frequent Communications
Our process forces frequent communications between the client and the engagement Partner/Vice President. Weekly reports and conference calls are standard and we communicate constantly with clients and candidates to complete searches efficiently.

Results Driven Search
We have a track record of delivering results to our client. We don’t give up when searches get difficult and stay with the search until it is successfully completed.

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